ViacomCBS International Studios Announces TV Series about Artemisia Gentileschi, Frida Torresblanco and Jill Offman Set to Produce

“I’m honored to team up with Jill Offman and the ViacomCBS International Studios team. I couldn’t be more passionate about giving Artemisia a voice and bringing her timely story to the screen. Now more than ever the inspiration that her life and her art provides is needed,” said Frida Torresblanco. “There is a strong connection with this sort of young and brave woman who can overcome abuse and to turn it into a legacy of genius. This will be a contemporary feminist piece that is at once provocative and transgressive, invoking the spirit of our present moment in an eloquent and elegant way.”

ViacomCBS Intl. Studios (VIS) has announced a new scripted series based on the life of artist Artemisia Gentileschi to be produced by “Pan’s Labyrinth” producer Frida Torresblanco at her company Braven Films, and 66 Media managing director Jill Offman, who once filled the same role at ViacomCBS Intl. Studios U.K. Scheduled to begin production in 2021, the series is already in development, adapted from Mary Garrard’s non-fiction academic text “Artemisia Gentileschi: The Image of the Female Hero in Italian Baroque Art.” According to VIS, it will be the first made-for-TV depiction of the life of the artist, best known for her autobiographical portraits and key role in the foundation of modern-day feminism.

Born at the end of the 16th century, Gentileschi is a standout figure from the Baroque period and the most high-profile female painter from that time. She was the first woman to become a member of the Accademia del Disegno in Florence. The National Gallery in London is hosting an exhibition of her work.